The Most Common Warning Signs On A Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Screening through a number of Curriculum Vitae can become quite a difficult task for any company. This is because the HR managers get so many emails, cover letters and CVs on a daily basis that it becomes literally impossible to find out what is right or wrong. If you don't have a good recruitment check company your side, you would likely not be facing so many issues. However, no matter what the case, you don't have to worry as we bring some common warning signs in a CV that should make alert. Are you ready? Let's get started.

Gaps- yes, you would find them in almost every CV. There are people who start working a year after they have graduated and there are some who take up a totally different role to fulfill their dreams. You need to look for these gaps and stay alert if these gaps are unexplained. If there is a huge gap between two of their employments without any explanation regarding the same, there is definitely a problem. Of course, some people may wish to start their own business and some might have faces some medical issues which made them avoid work. It is the duty of the applicant to briefly explain this gap.

Instability- yes! It is true that employer loyalty is a lost art and people wish to move around a lot before they finally find their calling. This can usually be a case who have just started their careers. However, there is a difference between finding better opportunities of growth and 'not sticking around for too long'. If you find this, move on. This is not an employee you are looking for.

Vague details- this is quite a common issue with many people writing a Curriculum Vitae. Instead of being clear about what they did and how, they tend to write vaguely and confuse the HR manager. Some people may suggest that they are well versed with accounting software. However, they do not mention what accounting software they can use.

Bright and cheesy- ask what hurts the eyes of an HR executive the most and he would tell you about a curriculum vitae that has been written in comic or Arabic sans in blue, red and orange text color. If your prospective employee cannot be serious enough to write a professional grade curriculum vitae, you would need to think twice about his recruitment. There are better ways of presentation.