What Does A Job Recruitment Agent Do?

recruitment agent

A job recruitment agent is responsible for finding the right talent for an organization. His role is very important for an organization as he helps them in making sure that highly skilled and properly trained staff finds its way to work with great organizations. However, a job recruitment agent also needs to make sure that he has performed a proper recruitment check for the employees before hiring them. Here are what the typical job responsibilities of a recruitment agent might include.

Checking the right to work- there are many laws regarding immigration that need to be taken care of while hiring employees from a different country. Though the rules for selecting the right employees would not change, based on the immigration status of any prospective employee, the job recruitment agencies have to make sure that they are licenses by the right authorities to work in that nation. Another aspect of this function can be to check the required job licenses. Many businesses need chartered accountants or other such staff that may have to fulfill strict licensing conditions in order to make sure that they are hiring the right employees and no illegal hiring takes place in any case.

Verifying qualifications- another important aspect of hiring employments and recruitment checks is to find out whether or not the employee possesses the right information that one may need in order to fulfill the business needs. Every job demands some minimum qualification which must always be verified by the job recruitment agent.

Finding references- the most important part of recruitment processes is to find references for the employee. These references can be received from the previous employers and also from the people who have been mentioned on the references list. Basically, anyone who has been professional working with you, had hired you or supervised you can be used for adequate referencing. This is quite a complicated process in which the agent has to talk to people about your work ethics, your employment dates, your salary and your attitude towards work amongst other things.

Medical and personal history- there can be jobs that require a complete medical history check, personal history check (including criminal records) etc. for the employee. If there has been any conviction before, the employee needs to mention it in his application. If not, his application would be rejected. This usually happens in the case of state-owned jobs but might also work for other sensitive areas.