For Large Employers

The negative consequences of making a bad hiring decision are significant. It adversely affects business performance, lowers moral and costs money. Replacing an employee who doesn't work out is expensive and time consuming.

A recruitment process which relies solely on a candidate's interview performance is inherently flawed. Conducting a pre-employment reference check adds rigour and helps to minimise the risk of making a bad hiring decision. It can also provide insight into a prospective candidate's behaviour, character and integrity for their future manager.

Many employers are often hesitant to conduct reference checks, even when the candidate has provided them with their referee's contact details. This is because of several reasons:

  • It requires an additional step which takes time and consequently delays making the hiring decision.

  • The hiring manger feels uncomfortable in calling a 3rdparty to ask questions about the candidate's performance.

  • They lack the skills and experience to conduct a professional reference check; this is not an activity they undertake on a regular basis.

  • They are unsure of their obligations with regards to privacy legislation.

RecruitCheck has been developed to be an online provider of pre-employment reference checking services, primarily focused on the Australian market. RecruitCheck is designed to provide employers with an uncomplicated option for outsourcing their reference checking requirements. It combines the advantages of an online portal for customers with the benefits of Asia-staffed delivery hub. 

The key advantages of the RecruitCheck service are:

  • Easy to find website

  • Simple to use & place orders

  • Service is conducted by trained staff

  • Speed of delivery

  • Cost

  • Compliant with relevant legislation

  • Standardised

  • Unbiased