Background Check

    Employment Background Check

    Hire The Best By Getting Employment Background Checks Hiring a new employee can be a tiring and excruciating job. You get tons of applications to weed through, and once you've gotten through the applications weeding two or three times, maybe even ten times, you have the job of interviewing...  read more

    Background Screening

    Background Screening Makes Hiring Good People Easier

    One of the most emotionally challenging jobs you can have at a company is "human resources." After all, you are the person that is responsible for hiring new employees for your company. The last thing you want is to hire someone that causes your company problems. One of the best tools that you...  read more

    Employment Screening

    Let An Employment Screening Company Give You a Peace Of Mind

    The employees you hire for your company are very important to you. After all, your employees will make the difference between succeeding and failing for your company. This is why using an Employment Screening Company is so important. By using these services, you can be ensured that the next...  read more

    Online Background Check

    Getting An Online Background Check Is Just Good Business

    When hiring a new employee, there are two things that you want to know about them. You naturally want to know if they have the education and experience to do or learn the job you have in mind for them. The second thing that you want to be sure of is that you aren't hiring a criminal. There are...  read more

    Pre Employment Screening

    Don't Go Out Of Business Because Of Employee Fraud, Use Pre Employment Screening

    It's a big responsibility to hire people for jobs that require trust in employees who go inside clients' homes and take care of the elderly or children for that matter. You want to know that the employees you hire are trustworthy and will take good care of your clients. Jobs like caregivers...  read more

    Background Reference Check

    Background Reference Check - How To Know Your Employee Is Right For The Job

    When it comes to hiring a new employee, it's a tough job. If you hire the wrong person, that mistake can cost the company money and lower the morale of the office personnel you already have. The wrong person can divide the interests of the office instead of making it more cohesive. Why take...  read more

    Employment Background Screening

    Hire the Right Person Through Employment Background Screening

    With the problems of our economy, one of the hardest aspects of hiring a new employee is to find the one that not only is qualified for the job at hand but also will be able to grow into special job skills to fill future openings in the company. With so many people out of work, it's a...  read more

    Job Reference Check

    Get A Great Employee By Using A Job Reference Check

    Okay, you're running the show. That means that you are in charge of hiring the next employee. If you do the job right, you'll hire an employee that not only fills the bill for the entry job that you're hiring for right now, but also have an employee that could acquire the skill sets for a more...  read more

    Employer Reference Check

    Who Is It That Makes Use Of The Employer Reference Check

    What is the difference between an "Employer Reference Check" and an "Employee Reference Check?" If the company supplying the reference check report is working for someone looking for a job, it will be different from a report to a company seeking a prospective employee. The reference check...  read more

    Employment Reference Check

    Be Aware Of Employment Reference Check Questions

    When you're looking for a job, there is a lot of information out there that you need to be aware of as you go through the actions of signing applications and performing interviews. You need to know what kind of information employers are going to want, not just from you but from your...  read more

    Reference Check

    Information About How To Do A Reference Check

    Do you know how to do a reference check? Whether you are a manager checking out an applicant or a job seeker trying to find out what an employer may be looking for, knowing what a proper reference check entails is important information. Although some companies will take a look at your resume...  read more

    Reference Check Questions

    The Right Kinds Of Reference Check Questions Get Great Employees

    When applying for a position with a company, you will need to be aware of the kind of "Reference Check Questions" that may be asked. The kind of questions you get will depend a lot on the kind of position that you are applying for. The questions will be different for management positions,...  read more

    Reference Check

    What is a Reference Check

    As a job seeker, there are some things you need to know about what a former employer can and cannot divulge about your previous employment. You need to know what kind of information is going to come out when the company you're applying for calls your former employer. Your information and your...  read more

    Pre Employment Screening

    Pre Employment Screening: Finding The Right Person For The Right Fit

    Hiring the right employee gives your company the best productivity, gives your company a successful harmony and makes morale in your office more productive. When you have the right employees for the job, the process by which you choose your employee can pay you back a thousand times over the...  read more

    Employment Screening

    Employment screening Is a Primary Recruitment Tool in Australia

    Employment screening involves much more than just checking a potential employee's possible criminal background. As an employer, you need to answer a number of questions regarding the applicant's background before completing the hiring process. Some of these questions include: - Is the...  read more

    Background Check

    More Employers are Relying on Background Checks in Australia

    A background check is simply a process designed to find out information about someone that may not be readily available. Much of this information is related to a person's: - Financial History - Motor Vehicle Information - Criminal Background - Professional History - Public History...  read more

    Pre Employment Checks

    Pre-Employment Checks Are a Necessary Tool to Mitigate Hiring Risk

    When hiring employees, you might need to dig deeper into a candidate and find more information to guarantee that you are making the correct, informed decision. There are a number of questions that need to be answered about a candidate's background before completing the hiring process. - Is...  read more

    Employee Screening

    Employee Screening for Your Hiring Needs

    Whether you are a large corporation or a small business owner, you need accurate and reliable employee screening to ensure that you are hiring and collaborating with trustworthy individuals whose identity is verified and background is established.  You may not always have the time or...  read more

    Employment Personality Test

    Employment Personality Tests are a Necessary Component to Background Checks

    It's no surprise that almost all companies in Australia nowadays, from large corporations to small businesses, are utilising pre-employment screening and background checks. If you are an employer looking to hire a new candidate, it is crucial that you do your due diligence to make sure you...  read more

    Recruitment Check

    Save Time and Money With a Recruitment Check

    If you are looking for the cutting edge in recruitment check services, look no further than RecruitCheck. RecruitCheck is faster, more convenient, and more affordable than the traditional recruitment agency, better serving you by taking care of the hassle and worry associated with checking...  read more

    Reference Check

    Get Rid of the Reference Check Hassle

    How Do You Know When You Are Making the Right Choice? When a promising prospective employee walks out the door of your business after an interview that seemed to go very well, you can't help but be a little nervous. Making a bad hire could cost your company a significant amount of money and...  read more

    Personnel Check

    Cash In On a Personnel Check

    No Need to Dread Personnel Checks Do you dread the days you have to conduct personnel checks? Is it awkward or uncomfortable for you to speak with employers or referees about your prospective employee's employer check or CV check? Do you worry about accidentally violating privacy...  read more

    Recruitment Candidate Test

    The Recruitment Candidate Test: A Valuable Tool

    The Last Thing You Want is a Bad Hire As a good, forward-thinking employer for your company or business, you always look for a way to verify information given to you by prospective employees during interviews - whether it is through a CV, resume, or a reference list. The last thing you...  read more

    IQ test

    What’s Better Than An IQ Test?

    IQ Tests Can't Tell You Everything An IQ test is one of many types of tests that you, as an employer, might use to screen potential employees. This test is a form of intelligence testing that can show you if a prospective employee is the right fit for a position open within your...  read more

    Employment Check

    How to Choose an Employment Check Service

    There Are Many Services to Choose From A quick web search will show you that there are a lot of employment check services out there. They are often bulky corporations or agencies that promise you a thorough employee check to verify information to help you make a hiring...  read more

    Curriculum Vitae

    Curriculum Vitae: True or False?

    A Wealth of Unverified Information A curriculum vitae holds a wealth of information about a prospective employee's employment history and character references. And when your potential next hire places his curriculum vitae in your hands, you want to be sure that all the information in it is...  read more

    SPQ Gold

    What is SPQ Gold?

    As one of the most often used tools for assessing salespeople, SPQ Gold stands for sales preference questionnaire gold. Basically, this tool assesses how reluctant salespeople are to initiate contact with another person. Obviously, this is a very important part of any sales model. A...  read more

    Pre-employment screening

    Pre-Employment Screening Basics

    Job candidates submit a CV to a potential employer to begin the basics of the hiring process. This step is often followed by an interview, and sometimes the employer may conduct a pre-employment screening of the candidate. This screening is done to verify accuracy if information provided on...  read more

    IQ test

    What Does Your IQ Test Score Tell Your Potential Employers About Yourself

    Intelligence is a necessary to live a successful personal and business life. While intelligence can tell us the level of problem solving skills one may possess, or how much information they can retain, they're not always the most adequate predictors of job performance and the potential...  read more

    CV Check

    CV Check: What Makes a Good CV?

    One of the first steps in the search for work is to create a CV (Curriculum Vitae) that will catch the eye of employers and get you hired quickly. A CV is an outline of a person's academic and professional accomplishments and history. It's a paper interview before the real one begins. While...  read more

    Executive Recruitment

    What is the Future of Executive Recruitment?

    Executive Recruitment is the process of selecting candidates for officers, senior level managers, and other executive positions by screening similar candidates currently employed at a third-party organization. The screening or recruiting process is often done by a company outside the firm,...  read more

    Background Check

    What Does an Employee Background Check Entail?

    It's becoming more common for potential job candidates to submit to a background check prior to being hired for a position. Employers have done this both to protect themselves from hiring employees who have misrepresented personal information, and ensure they're following all...  read more

    background checks

    Performing a Character Reference Check on Potential Employees

    It is not unsuitable for companies to ask for a background check and employment history as part of their prescreening employment procedure. A lot of money goes into choosing new workers, so it is only right that companies get some insurance that the worker they are choosing has an accountable...  read more

    employment test

    Importance of the Pre-Employment Test in a Job Interview

    As the job market becomes significantly competitive, numerous companies are turning to pre-employment screening to identify the most effective candidate for the job. While resumes provide employers with some idea regarding the capacity of applicants, an appropriate examination could truly help...  read more

    Recruitment Agency

    Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

    Discovering potential candidates for the jobs in your company is often challenging and time consuming. For this reason, you could consider making use of the services of recruitment firms. Learn the top four reasons why you should use a recruitment agency. Flexibilty: When you need a...  read more

    Reference Check

    10 Employment Reference Check Tips Every Manager Should Know

    Employment reference checks are considered as one of the very best devices to seek information regarding a potential worker. his has actually constantly been a vital factor for all the businesses that would want to make the right decision of employing the right staff member. Nowadays...  read more


    4 Professional Tips for Better Resume Writing

    A resume is really a short account of an individual's job history, which could show how the applicant fits the job guidelines and certifications that the employer is looking for. This means you can take proper steps to help the recruiter in finding whatever he or she is trying to find,...  read more

    Reference Check

    The Importance of an Employee Background Check

    Businesses that are hiring receive countless resumes every day. While some resumes do look good on paper, you can't know if the information provided is true or not. Completing background checks on candidates before hiring them can save businesses time and money when recruiting, hiring and...  read more

    Reference Check

    Top 4 Tips to Improve Reference Checking Results

    Hiring the best employees is an important aspect to managing and running a successful business, however it is not always easy to know which prospective hires will bring the most to your team. Performing a reference check on a candidate is an effective way to get an in-depth look at your...  read more

    Reference Check

    How to Avoid Bad Hires Through Reference Checking

    For most employers, the last line of defense against a bad hire is the reference check. Reference checks can give you more information on a potential employee than just his resume. By contacting a reference you have an opportunity to learn about the candidate's strengths and weaknesses,...  read more

    Reference Check

    Top 6 Tips When Conducting A Reference Check

    Hiring the best employees is one of the most important aspects to managing a business. One of the most common ways of screening employees is to contact their references and ask them about the potential hire. Reference checking helps you make sure that the person you are hiring will be a fit...  read more

    Resume Check

    The Right Way To Find Employees using Resume Check Services

    Hiring is slowly becoming one of the most difficult business processes. This is not because the hiring industry is going through a slowdown. It is because there is a huge difference between the quantity of talent and the quality of talent. These days, there is no dearth of talent and hundreds...  read more

    recruitment agent

    What Does A Job Recruitment Agent Do?

    A job recruitment agent is responsible for finding the right talent for an organization. His role is very important for an organization as he helps them in making sure that highly skilled and properly trained staff finds its way to work with great organizations. However, a job recruitment...  read more

    employment test

    Types Of Employment Tests

    Most of the employers are quite particular about selecting the right talent for their organization. This is the reason why a lot of testing methods have been developed by them in order to make sure that efficient human resource reaches their empty cubicles. They have also made sure that only a...  read more


    A Few Job Reference Red Flags To Avoid - Job Referee

    Finding a job referee can be very difficult for an employee. However, it is more difficult for the employer to deal with the references. They need to make sure that the references come from a professional source and also pay attention to the tone and choice of words by the referee. Only an...  read more

    online background check

    The Real Value Of An Online Background Check

    As an employer, you might be paying all your attention to finding employees that fit into your job criteria. You might be paying a lot of attention to the qualifications, experience and the general attitude of the employee towards his work. However, an unsuspecting employer can often fall trap...  read more

    employment screening Australia

    Employment Screening in Australia

    The employment screening is a very effective tool that is used during the recruitment process by many companies. It is used and has been already implemented successfully in many countries of the world. Both the private sector and the government sector companies make use of the test to select...  read more

    Curriculum Vitae

    The Most Common Warning Signs On A Curriculum Vitae

    Screening through a number of Curriculum Vitae can become quite a difficult task for any company. This is because the HR managers get so many emails, cover letters and CVs on a daily basis that it becomes literally impossible to find out what is right or wrong. If you don't have a good...  read more

    reference check

    Bitter Truths About Reference Checking

    Reference checking is often dreaded by the employees and they believe that the employment screening company associated with their prospective employer would go to any lengths to find out their backgrounds. We would not say that it is entirely wrong but we would definitely like to tell the...  read more

    employer reference check

    What Is Asked During A Reference Check - Employer Reference Check

    You might be wondering what a reference check is all about. Some people believe that it is a highly complicated process while some others believe that it is all about ticking some checkboxes after a few phone calls. However, both these assumptions about reference check and related processes...  read more

    Recruitment Check

    What Matters In A Reference/Recruitment Check?

    A reference check is all about making sure that you are working with the right employees. There is no dearth of good employees in the HR sector. However, you would always lack the 'right employees' that understand your business model, their job responsibilities and identify with the overall...  read more

    Job Reference Check

    Why To Opt For A Job Reference Check

    A job reference check should be the first thing on your mind when you decide to hire new employees for your business or organization. This is because a wrong employee can ruin your business while a good one would grow along with your business. Therefore, opting for a good reference check...  read more

    CV Check

    CV Check An Important Part Of Job Recruitment Process

    Preparing a CV is the first and an important step for the job seekers. The job seekers provide all the correct and appropriate information in the CV about themselves, whether it is about academics, work experience, references, etc. When you apply for a job, the first source of information...  read more

    Employment Personality Test

    What is Employment Personality Test?

    "Employment Personality Test" is a source to know the expected job performance of a candidate. Research has proven that employment personality test is helping employers to match the candidates with suitable positions and training programmers. Employers designed employment personality test to...  read more

    Employee Screening

    Employee Screening For Better Hiring

    Changes are a prominent feature in the world we live. With time gradually, the method of doing various things also changes. New techniques evolve and come up with time. In the job recruitment process as well, there have been many changes over the years. The most noticeable change has been the...  read more

    Employment Check

    Job Recruitment And Employment Check

    Job Recruitment process is a very lengthy procedure in which the companies carry out different type of test to ensure that they select the deserving candidates for the jobs. The entire process is quite hectic both for the applicants and as well as for the companies. Thousands of candidates...  read more

    Reference Check Questions

    Job Recruitment And Reference Check Questions

    The stage of interview in a recruitment process is extremely tough for the candidates. The candidates become very nervous at this important stage. They lose their self -confidence and ultimately are unable to clear this hurdle of the recruitment process. In such cases like these, it is...  read more

    reference check

    Should You Ignore a Bad Reference?

    Any reference check is going to naturally dig through a lot of information about a candidate. It is important to realize that former employers are not sources of absolute truth. In other words, all information should be taken with a grain of salt during reference checking. You may not...  read more

    reference check questions

    What Questions Should You Be Asking References?

    Good hiring decisions begin with your approach to a candidate's references. Your reference check questions and your question strategy ultimately determine the outcome of your data. It is important to ask questions that are fair, and it is important not to lead the references toward positive or...  read more

    reference check forms

    Reference Check Forms Through RecruitCheck

    When you want to avoid making a bad hiring decision, you have to hire someone for reasons other than their interview performance. Your best bet for finding a good match for your job opening is to conduct a pre-employment check that will provide reliable references and insight into their...  read more

    checking reference letter

    A Crucial Hiring Component: Checking up on Reference Letters

    If you run a business, one of the most important things in becoming successful is hiring the right kind of people to work for you. If you are searching for candidates to take up positions in your company, you need background information before hiring them. This includes checking up on...  read more

    sample reference check

    Reference Checks and What They Offer Your Business

    When it comes to running your own business or company, one of the most vital things to consider is the people you hire for different positions. You need reliable employees who have the experience and references necessary to fulfill their jobs. At RecruitCheck, we can handle all of this with...  read more

    sample reference check forms

    Why the Need to Consider a Sample Reference Check

    According to certain studies and surveys, about 43% of job applicants lie during their employment application. While some may not completely lie, some have at least entered some false information on their resume. Most of these applicants lie about job titles, employment dates, prior...  read more

    get the reference checking template

    How Complicated Should Your Reference Checking Template Be?

    Every firm conducts their hiring process in a different manner. Some agencies use a very simple template when checking references, while others use a complicated one. There may not be a "one size fits all" solution to this problem. There are quite a few factors to consider when preparing a...  read more

    reference checking services

    Why Outsource Your Job Reference Check Work?

    Many firms decide to use online reference checking, because it outsources this labour-intensive task. Other firms prefer to keep this task in house, because checking references is a vital component of choosing new employees. These firms do not want to hire a person who is a bad fit, or worse,...  read more

    Reference Checking in Australia – What’s Legal?

    Reference Checking in Australia – What’s Legal?

    Many employers include reference checks as a standard part of their recruitment process, but as more cases involving data protection and privacy breaches hit the news we though it worthwhile to review what is and isn't legal when it comes to conducting reference checks in Australia. Most...  read more